ALTERNATIVET is a production collective based in Oslo, Norway, founded in 2017 by filmmakers Guro Bruusgaard, Katja Eyde Jacobsen, Magnus Mork and Mariken Halle. We wanted to spend more of our time on our artistic practice and less time applying and waiting. We work on the floor on each other’s projects and build up new work-structures from the specific needs of each project we work on.

We also want to contribute to a generous, open art/film field where more people get to make what they long to make.

Since we started, we’ve made Magnus Mork’s film THE FOREST, we’ve supported Katja in her work on THE SECOND SEX (produced by MER FILM), we’ve shot big parts of Mariken Halle’s feature WE ARE HERE NOW and 1/3 og Guro Bruusgaard’s feature HIM.

Our office is in a yellow house in Akersveien 21 in Oslo.